Welcome to Lokert Canada!

This family-owned and operated company, founded by John Lokert, brings you the best in international design and value for your money.

Each bathroom and kitchen product is available exclusively through Bathroom Galleries - many exquisitely designed by John and his team.

Lokert has been creating unsurpassed quality and unique design, contemporary, traditional and transitional kitchen and bath products for over 22 years. With 10 years of experience in Europe, and now with store chain “Bathroom and Galleries” through Canada, Lokert Canada is internationally renowned for bringing old world quality and new world design to Canadians. We are proud to be at the cutting edge in exceptional, sustainable design inspired by nature at affordable prices.

The Lokert family sends talented designers to Europe and beyond, seeking out the hottest ideas - and the coolest trends - from Milan, Paris, Berlin and London. They bring back concepts which inspire them to create refined, urbane, original designs that surprise, impress and endure.

Lokert reputation goes from generation to generation.

Please visit our website and more importantly, drop by our beautiful showrooms across Ontario. You'll be amazed by how well our products meet your Bath & Kitchen needs.

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